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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 29, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back from paris on france 24. hour...stories this peace talks for ukraine, a bout toover syria and a group. the islamic state 14 people now this custody over last week's manchester attack. intelligence services investigate how the bomber was able to slip through the net, warnings overed his extremist views. isishe army says it has fighters surrounded, but civilians -- this
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they want to take marshal law nationwide. >> first, though, the new french president's handling of world the spotlight once again this monday, as emmanuel macron welcomed russia's vladimir putin. the two men spoke for three hours in versailles before press conference in which putin refused to answer questions on moscow's alleged elections. foreign russia and france, back opposing ukraine.the war in and putin's last trip to france was cancelled at the last minute pomming of -- bombing of aleppo. destroy thesire to islamic state group.
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>> our priority is the fight against terrorism. and the eradication of terrorist as the islamic state group. it's what guides our policy in syria. hope that outside the framework of the coalition, we partnershipe our with russia. i also hope that we can achieve a democratic transition in syria, while preserving the syrian state. >> british police have made more arrests in the wake of the manchester bombing that killed 22 people a week ago. a total of 14 people are now in custody. and the intelligence agency is investigating how the bomber managed to carry out the attack despite three separate warnings about his extremist views. reporter: amid fresh raids and a mi5 announced it was reviewing how it handled abedi,gence on salman already known to them before he carried out the deadly
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manchester arena bombing. british home secretary rudd said the probe was the right move but distraction from the main investigation. >> i think it's right for mi5 to find out what the facts are. i think they shouldn't rush to make any sort of conclusions a t this stage. at thisrtant thing moment, i believe, is to ensure that we allow the operation to continue and to conclude. reporter: u.k. media have reported that two people who knew him made separate calls to an anti-terrorism hotline, warning authorities of his years ago.iews five and again last year. u.k.-born abedi is believed to have been radicalized in libya, where hihis parents comeme fromd have taken part in the 2011 armed uprising against libya dictator during school holidays. cited a security source saying u.s. federal agents had been investigating abedi since mid-1916 and had -- aboutnd had warned mi5
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him. jeremy corbin has said that cuts made while forces prime minister theresa may was interior minister are partially to blame. 2009 to 2016, the number of by. police officers fell some 14%. beenrgues there has increased funding for security and intelligence. the authorities are currently 500 terror-related investigations and a further 20,000 people are on their radar. >> to the philippines, where the it now has isis fighters surrounded. thousands of vigilians are up -- civilians are caught up in the fighting. prompted the president to declare marshal law in the southern region last week, and he has threatened to extend it nationwide. but it is so far facing courts.on in the
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gearing: duterte is himself up for a showdown. this time, it's the supreme court and congress that threatened to stand in the way of the outspoken leader of the philippines. lawrte imposed marshal across this southern third of the country last tuesday. infollows violent clashes the region betweenen security forces and militants. claims they are fighting for the islamic state group. he's vowed to press ahead with despite signs of opposition. and the the police armied forces -- armed forces say the philippines are safe, this marshal law will continue. will not listen to the others. court, congress, they don't matter. therter: marshal law gives military power over civilian authorities. armed forces can conduct searches or carry out arrests without a warrant.
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also applies curfews for some of the provinces. congress has the authority to the decree. the supreme court also has to power to rule on the law's legality. those checks and balances are designed to prevent a repeat of suffered under marcos. the former dictator was one yearn in 1986, before the current constitution was drawn up. to faceis unlikely opposition in congress. but getting his project past the could provet trickier. last friday, the court chief expressed concerns about duterte's decision to impose marshal law. >> north korea has fired its third missile in as many weeks. president, donald trump, says the communist state is showing disaren't to its neighbor -- disrespect to its neighbor and ally, china. didn't cause any damage. here's the story.
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reporter: a third missile launched this month. incitedgyang has international outrage once again. morning, north korea fired a ballistic missile off its east coast. flew about 450 kilometers before landing at sea. away fromilometers japan's coast and its inclusive economic zone. series ofatest in a tests conducted by the koreans developattempt to ballistic missile or icbm's with a range that can hit the united states. monday's test sparked strong reactions from neighbors japan and south korea. korea's new president called for an emergency meeting the national security council, while japan said it would discuss responses with the united states. >> as we agreed at the recent g7 summit, the north korean problem is a top priority for the international community.
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restrain north korea, we will be taking specific action together with the united states. reporter: at last week's g7 meeting, u.s. president donald trump promised that the, quote, big problem of north korea will be solved. and japanese prime minister, shinzo abe, agreed to expand sanctions against north korea in it will slow development of this nuclear program. justyang argues its defending itself against u.s. aggression. on tuesday, for the first time ever, the u.s. will test a missile defense system capable intercepting icbm's. >> half a million people are in desperate need of aid in the worst following flooding there in 14 years. troops are trying to reach those themselves.bandon at least 180 people have already heaveonfirmed dead, after heave -- heavy rains triggered
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landslides over the weekend. reporter: it's the worst flooding to have hit sri lanka since the powerful monsoon 14 years ago. and aid are being delivered to those stranded in their torrentialr downpours triggered landslides on friday. been deployed to transport people to safety, after half a million residents displaced in southern and western regions. everything. i still have my children and grandchildren. destroyed.has been we live off the money we make small shop, but it's been destroyed, along with everything that was in it. the worst affected areas, rescue workers are still searching for the scores of people who remain missing. and they continue to recover the bodies of the dead. india has sent two naval ships toto the island afafter sri lann
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fororities appealed international assistance. the u.n. is also helping with relief efforts. the government says floodwaters are starting to recede. further heavy rains forecast, it's warning that areas remain vulnerable. a --fam mean and now famine and now a cholera yemen.c has hit about more than 50,000 suspected month.n a civil wartwo years of have left more than 17 million ofple in yemen in need humanitarian aid. and about a third of the population on the brink of starvation. this month, a state of emergency was declared in the capitol, after an outbreak of cholera, caused by lack of water andclean sanitation.
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the world health organization anns the country is facing epidemic, after nearly 500 people died from the infection over the past four weeks. sanitary conditions in yemen are very concerning. the disease is spreading in an unprecedented manner. if we can get enough aid and support, the situation will improve. we will be able to control the epidemic. reporter: cholera is caused by a found in contaminated food and water. it can be easily treated by replacing fluids and salts but many of those infected don't symptoms. if the disease isn't treated, it can kill within n hours and itin spread rapidly. the health care system and has beencture in yemen devastated by wars. the world health organization than halfthat less the country's medical facilities are fully functional. vital medicines aren't
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getting to those who need them. the organization is warning there could be as many as 300,000 cases of cholera in the end of the launchingance is europe's sustainable development week, which kicks off today, this monday. aimed at building on the goals set at the paris climate talks back in 2015. getting consumers and individuals to take responsibility for their impact on the environment. thousands of activities are planned over the next few days. reporter: sustainable water and management, the transition to clean energy, and the fight against global warming. the 17fdg's or sustainable development goals, u.n. countries are aiming for ahead of the 2030 deadline. first-ever european sustainable development week, the european commission is looking to raise awareness of these goals, agreed during 2015
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u.n. climate talks in paris, focus on individual citizens having their chance to hands-on contribution, by organizing their own eco-friendly event or taking in their project community. over 3,500 initiatives have been registered across 29 countries, pitched from all levels of society, from public authorities to individual citizens to businesses and charities. environmentce, the minister is launching the week with over 1,000 events due to place across the country. the last u.n. objective brought considerable progress. a billion people were listed out of extremed out 2015,y between 1919 and and the percentage of the population with access to water rose to this time around, goals are even ambitious. the small grassroots events like
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will chip away at the bigger picture. the cannes film festival has drawn to a close down in the with a swedish, satire about the art world up the coveted palme d'or this year. this event has been a whirlwind of glamour, gowns and endless screenings. moments for you now. ♪[music] >> a surprise palme d'or winner. topcannes film festival award went to the ruben oz lin, a in fire about the artwork sweden. ♪[music] topics and the situations, very close to stand-up comedy. you easily can relate to. and it's a dilemma.
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a dilemma is something that you wo one or two -- no -- more options, how to react, but none are easy. they always lift up moral questions. runner-up went to the "120 tipped french drama beats per minute." follows an aids activist group in 1990's paris. >> it was important for me to a film on this theme. i didn't know which angle to a workecause it remains of fiction, even though a lot of it really happened. and i all these elements shuffled them like a deck of cards, to tell a story that's work of cinema. ♪[music] for bestkrueger won actress. her first and her native german.
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started here.all i received my first award here in 2003. my idol at the time. all the movies that marked my were first screened here in cannes, so i'm really proud to be here tonight. oscar nominee phoenix won best actor for his hitman in "you were never really here." best director went to sophia ed.ela for the beguil >> the celebration still going southn in cannes in the of france. the former world number one golfer, tiger woods, has been arrested in florida, charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. for several hours before being released. that's according to an online report by the palm beach county police. currently after a
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series of back surgeries. he said he had no plans to retire from competitive golf. it's not the first time he's the headlines away from golf course. in private life unraveled 2009 over allegations about affairs with several women which ultimately led to the end of his marriage and the lost of a host of lucrative sponsorship deals. national headlines for you this hour. fresh peace talks on ukraine. over and a vow to destroy the islamic state group. emmanuel macron hosts the russia leader vladimir putin for what the french president calls an extremely frank and direct exchange. 14 people now in custody over week's manchester attack. british intelligence services are investigating how the bomber to slip through the net, despite repeated warnings over his extremist views. and the filipino army says it
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fighters surrounded but thousands of civilians are said to be caught up in the battle. they fight president duterte's bid to take marshal law nationwide. well, it's time for our business now. hi there. we're starting out with a third misery for british airways passengers. >> that's right. the fallout continues. have resumed full operation at the airport but some flights heathrow were cancelled this monday. could continue for several days. a computer system crash forced to cancel hundreds of flights worldwide, affecting some 75,000 passengers over the weekend. carrier is in damage control mode with some analysts suggesting that the cancellations could cost the company more than 100 million pounds. reporter: a p.r. disaster.
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one at that.ive british airways' c.e.o. alex cruz has said the company will compensate passengers. >> we absolutely, profusely apologize for that. we absolutely are committed to provide and abide by the that areion rules currently in place. reporter: while british airways costet to give an official estimate, analysts are saying that the thousands of passenger could seton claims back british airways more than 100 million euros. a computer outage at london on saturday led the airline to cancel hundreds of flights. coincided with the holiday weeks in both the u.k. and u.s. and left thousands stranded. eligible passengers can claim varying compensation sums from 250 euros for a more than three-hour delay to a 1500nation less than kilometers away to 600 euros for
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a similar delay to a destination outside the e.u. according to european compensation guidelines. the chaos that wouldn't have happened had the company not scrapped hundreds of and outsourced them abroad. but the c.e.o., cruz, says the nothing to do with cost-cutting. ago took over b.a. a year with the mission of making the firm more competitive in low-cost carriers. this is the most recent debacle to slam them. summer, computer glitches led to severe delays in the month of july and september. >> now following the debacle, grouph airways' parent saw its shares plunge more than 2.5%, after the company recorded profitsump in net earlier this month. stock markets were among the few exchanges operating this monday.
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due toare closed today the bank holiday. british prime minister, theresa may, says there is no way the start of brexit negotiations will be delayed. campaigning for next week's election, may said the june 19 start to formal talks is she urged voters to give her a strong monday. the british prime minister also to maintaine wanted a strong partnership with the e.u. over security and trade, this after german chancellor angela merkel suggested that the continent could no longer rely on britain. let's take a listen. andho has the will crucially the plan to deliver on brexit and make a success of it? and that's important, because start,egotiations will just 11 days after polling day. any puttingn't be it off. won't be possible to stall it. europeans are ready. that's the timetable that's been
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set. the question is, who do people on that plane, going over to brussels, to negotiate and stand up for britain? >> meanwhile, the head of the european central bank says the european economy is improving but it still needs lis.antial stum lawmakers that wages were not growing enough to push to healthyack up levels. 60 billionis pumping euros into the economy each month to support lending and growth. what he had to say. >> they are now witnessing an recovery,ly solid driven largely by a circle of and consumption. although underlying inflation pressures remain subdued. the convergence of credit countries hasoss also contributed to the upswing
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broad-based. across sectors and countries. look at some a other business steroids we're covering at this hour. european union has learned down on the dieselgate scandal. goes tot agreement now the negotiations with the european commission. car maker b.m.w. says it will seek compensation for parts from bosh. a shortage of steering gears supplied by bosh stoppages inn germany, china and south africa. the car maker says it's working the b.m.w. to minimize impact. russia has surprised the airline industry by announcing its new ms passenger rain. it made a successful maiden
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flight. carried out on sunday. it is the first commercial made inr aircraft to be post-soviet russia. itsplane will arrival western competitors, they say. boatw, china's annual festival is under way. rowinghlight is the compensation. some say the festival began as a poet who drowned himself. festival ismes, the providing a major boost. here's the story. reporter: a 2,000-year-old 130-million euro industry. dragon boat racing is the main attraction, held on the fifty month of the the fifth lunar calendar. craftsmen were hard at work making the boats. >> i sell at least 200 dragon
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boats a year. sales are always growin grow. i expect them to increase by 10%. reporter: the craftsman father when he washe art 19 years old. his factory is one of 14 in the city. produce between 3- and 4,000 vessels a year, an 10 millionh over euros. that's only a small slice of the booming industry. >> missionwide, the dragon-boat worth 130ustry is million euros. it posts annual sells of 30,000 rate of 10% growth to 20%. reporter: dragon boat racing has celebration of chinese culture. and with growing boat sales, not to mention billions of euros, the ancient tradition is becoming a bigger and bigger chinese economy. >> and finally, a new type of drone, and it could be the future of advertising. test-flown giant has
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its latest self-flying device bech has a display that can seen from all directions. it is the first of its kind in the world. the drone canys be used at concert halls or football stadiums. be flown to get information and messages to people in case of a natural disaster. just over three kilograms and has eight led make the screen. they came to commercialize the early 2019. >> we could also think about naturalis during disasters. it could display information. to safe places. >> all right. thank you very much indeed. a little glimpse of the future there. we're taking a short break here 24.rance do stay with us. more news and headlines for you, right after this. ♪[music]
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